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Three Days In Minnehaha Falls Art Fair 2021

Minnehaha falls art fair is a three days long art fair. It's my second art fair and it's my first time in a long art fair. It's super tired, but I had a wonderful time there. I met many clients who bought my paintings in MCAD art sale last few years. They told me how happy they had my art. I also met many new friends. I was so happy to talk to people about my art. All of these means a lot to me.

Wenwen Liao Art Studio Booth's Photo

Minnehaha fall art fair had a special request which was items under $30 at every booth. I made some unique book marks for this request. It's so fun to create some small original painting.

Original Painting Book Marks

A lot of people came in this art fair, it's amazing. I was doing very well. I will come back next year.

Minnehaha Fall Art Fair in July 2021

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