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"I want to create a feeling of peacefulness in the people that view my art. There is so much chaos in the world and I want my work to be a place where they can take a break and find themselves.” -Wenwen Liao

I grew up in a seaside city in the south of China where I started developing my artistic tastes. I was influenced by my father who specialized in Chinese painting. I followed my passion for art by going to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing where I graduated in animation and film. I furthered my studies by moving to the United States and attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) where I got my Master of Fine Arts.

My art uses colors to create tranquil moments of childhood innocence. A feelings of warm and loving painting that is full of positive energy and kindness which I attempt to bring to the viewers. I try to modernize Chinese painting techniques because I felt they could portray beauty but the traditional themes did not give a personal connection to the viewer. 

My paintings are portrayals of the world as seen from the eyes of children. The children’s stories frequently incorporate their friends and animals they encounter. The children’s innocence is naive but full of affection for everything around them. They care about the animals, love the beauty of nature and like to share moments with others.